Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: 049-398

Public Benefit Organisation Number:

Established: 2005

Kindly contact The Namaqua Dog and Donkey Foundation directly for banking details.
contact personEleanor Swan telephone
mobile cellphone084 549 3322 fax
street addressBright Street Animal Hospital, Bright Street, Benoni West postal addressP O Box 17090, Benoni West, 1503
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image placeholder FOCUS AREA:
1. Improve the quality of life for domestic pets in informal settlements. 2. To sterilize, thereby preventing unwanted litters.
3. To vaccinate pets to prevent diseases e.g. Rabies
4. To deworm, preventing the spread of Zoonosis.
5. To educate owners, thereby relieving the suffering of draught donkeys.

Dog food, blankets, collars, leads, dog kennels, bowls, bric-a-brac for our shop. Volunteers and veterinarians. Sponsors of dewormers and vaccinations, etc.