Breed: American Pitbull Terrier


Operating: Nationally

Affiliate organisation:

Membership requirements:
To start a club, a written request must be handed to the Union Chairman at the yearly meeting held in January. Club members must have been actively involved with the shows for a year as part of the union before a club will be accepted.

For example: Request handed in at the beginning of 2011 for a club; club must show as part of the union for a year. If the committee approves the request at the yearly meeting in 2012, the club will then only be accepted as a club of the union.

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Mission, Aims and goals:
Promote a better image of the breed. Encourage intelligent breeding of the South African American Pitbull Terrier accenting on their finest qualities of courage, intelligence, loyalty, agility and spirited affectionate disposition. Condemn the breed for any illegal activity. Promote fair conduct at breed shows in terms of the Union guidelines. Conduct breed shows and other activities deemed by the union to be in the best interest of the breed.