SA lifts ban on elephant culling

Mr. van Schalkwyk, as a fellow South African I am deeply ashamed at your lack of backbone! There is no science-based justification whatsoever for the brutal killing of these highly intelligent SENTIENT beings, who feel pain and sorrow at the loss of their family members. Yes, elephants do have family units. You caved in to pressure from SANParks whose true motivation is a harvesting program based on economic and political ambitions devoid of any scientific validity.SanParks has failed miserably in the management of elephants and now without adhering to the precautionary principle want to experiment with the population growth of animals by murdering them in cold blood. Where are your ethics, Mr. van Schalwyk. May I remind you that South Africa is allegedly a democracy, governed BY and FOR the people. Well, did you ask the people (yes, that me and millions of other South Africans who are just as horrified as I am) before making your unilateral decision without the people's knowledge and consent? Our elephants belong to the people of this nation and neither you nor SANParks have the right to kill these magnificent animals. Would by any chance CITES' approval of a second one-time trade in ivory have anything to do with your unethical decision, which allows South Africa to trade 30 tons of ivory? Please read the statement of TRUE elephant experts:
Ethical scientists and elephant experts refute the claim that elephants threaten habitats and biodiversity and maintain that ethically and scientifically correct policies are not being adopted because the proponents of culling (or shall we rather say NAZI-style final solution) are allied with the gaming, hunting and ivory industry and that the latter is driving this policy change. Likewise, their scientifically illiterate arguments that contraceptives would not work flies in the face of the 100% success rate achieved by the Humane Society International with the use of immunocontraception without any behavioral or any other side effects. For example, in 2000 the HSUS/HSI conducted a long-term field trial with an immunocontraceptive vaccine in a herd of 66 elephants in the Makalali Private Conversancy near the Kruger National Park. After eight years the vaccine has been extraordinary effective. The HSUS/HSI has also established a laboratory to manufacture the vaccine in South Africa. A number of private and provincial game parks are using the vaccine, but SANParks has not as yet permitted the use of the vaccine in its parks. WHY?!?! Would Minister van Schalkwyk and SANParks please provide us with a SANE explanation for their refusal to do so? It cannot be cost related at R800 to 1000 per dose (about $100 (cheaper than Merck's Gardasil)!

A while back SABC viewers were subjected to the sob story of a person lamenting the fact that the naughty elephants had trampled through his mealie fields and he could not feed his 14 (i.w. FOURTEEN) children as a result. Now, while it is nay impossible to condomize an elephant, this particular specimen of the human race does not have such excuse! The fact that elephants do not mate until they are about 15 years old and only give birth every four years is further proof that their IQ is definitely superior to that of some humans!

Best regards
Ms Blank