Cat Village - Gauteng, Benoni

Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: NPO # 033-895

Established: 2004

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image placeholder Cat Village was founded in 2004 and established on two and a half acres of property and is a non-profit organization. Over the past 4 years Cat Village has become home to over 600 rescued and abandoned cats. Many of the cats that arrive at Cat Village are malnourished and traumatized by the hardship of their lives. These cats and are often the result of unwanted litters. Cat Village provides necessary medical care and ensures that all cats are sterilized.

At Cat Village we believe that our cats are the lucky ones. Cat Village provides a sanctuary for these unwanted cats and gives them a place to call home. We (the humans) think of Cat Village as a Cat Monastery for our fat feline Buddha�s. Our Buddha�s lie and bask in the sun all day while we run around tidying up their houses while kissing and cuddling with one hand and scooping poop with the other.

�My husband said it was him or the cat ... I miss him sometimes�

We at Cat Village are committed to making a difference, not only at Cat Village but also to the feral problem which is a result of abandoned cats and unsterilized cats. Our current community project is working together with Benoni SPCA. We have sterilized the colony at the TB Hospital at Kempton Park and have raised funds to buy them houses and have implemented a feeding programme. These projects need funds; your donations help us make a difference. Please donate to this worthy cause.

Please be a responsible animal owner and sterilize your animals. There are so many unwanted animals due to irresponsible breeding, the kindest thing that you can do is to STERILIZE.

Homeless pets are far more common than animal lover would like them to be, with thousands of animals roaming the streets unclaimed. Many succumb to disease, injuries, accidents and malnutrition. The average age at death for homeless cats is about 5 years old. They often give birth to more homeless kittens before it dies, thus repeating the cycle.

You add to the population explosion of unwanted cats by not sterilizing your cats (all animals should be sterilized.

Consider this:

� The gestation period of domestic cats is 57-70 days, the average being 63 days.

� The litter size can vary from 2- 6 kitten on average.

� Kittens can be weaned by 8-12 weeks.

� Within weeks, the queen can be pregnant again. She can have at least 3 litters a year.

� A queen can have up to 300 kittens in her lifetime.

� So, if one queen has 6 kittens in each of her litters

� in her first year of breeding and they all survive,

� These kittens may all go onto breed the following year.

� Males may be responsible for fathering many more than 300 kittens per year, as they have lots of encounters. Typical male - all the fun and no responsibility.

� What can YOU do to prevent so many strays and homeless cats? The answer is simple!
Please have your cat neutered now if you haven�t already, and encourage other to follow your example.

Cat Humour

Although I am too proud to beg, and may appear to be a very independent creature, I ask for your loving care and attention.

Translation: I'm the boss, serve me.