Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: 007-416

Public Benefit Organisation Number:

Established: 1999

Kindly contact Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) directly for banking details.
contact personCora Bailey telephone011 763 1638
mobile cellphone fax011 672 1604
street addressOff Main Reef Road, Roodepoort
(please call for directions)
postal addressP O Box 546, Florida, 1710
website urlwww.claw-sa.org email address
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www.claw-sa.org FOCUS AREA:
CLAW provides desperately needed veterinary services to dogs and cats, as well as vital animal care education to pet owners in Johannesburg's poorest township areas.

CLAW's Objectives are to:
- Go where the impoverished people of Gauteng are, and regularly find and treat animals needing primary care;
- Promote animal welfare by sterilising pets, treating preventable conditions and ensuring they have caring owners and adequate food and shelter;
- Create a team that involves all stakeholders, is multi-disciplinary, committed, well trained and regularly evaluated;
- Provide regular access to primary healthcare;
- Provide a stress-free, enriched environment during temporary housing;
- Ensure that abandoned animals are adopted by excellent homes;
- Weave CLAW's work with regional and international poverty alleviation and environmental projects to serve the community.

- Dog blankets and carpets;
- Steel feeding bowls in all sizes;
- Cat and dog food (dry & tins) ;
- Leads and collars;
- Dog and cat carriers and wire cages and beds;
- Kitty litter ;
- Small kitty litter pans and scoops;
- Black rubbish bags and plastic bags;
- Empty plastic spray bottles;
- Towels (all sizes - from facecloth to bath size);
- Cotton wool;
- Paper towels;
- Blankets, warm clothing and shoes;
- Food parcels (sugar, maize, tea, rice, tinned food);
- Generator;
- Portable rechargeable lamps;
- Washing powder (auto toploader) and bleach;
- Office supplies (pens, pencils, staples, paper, scissors, files, erasers, sharpeners, rulers etc);
- Educational materials;
- Plastic buckets;
- Large Tupperware containers (for pet food);
- Garbage bins;
- Any old veterinary supplies and medication;
- Volunteers to help take care of animals in the clinic as well as extra hands on our Saturday fun days for children.