Dobermann Club of the Cape Breed: Dobermann

Established: August 1974

Operating: Western Cape

Affiliate organisation: Kennel Union of Southern Africa

Membership requirements:
Need to be the proud owner of a Dobermann.

Get together socially, from time to time - the AGM always takes place in March each year.
contact personDorothy Myers (Chairperson) telephone0218513739
mobile cellphone fax0218513737
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Best in Show at the last Championship Show. Mission, Aims and goals:

To promote, encourage, foster and advance the breeding, well-being of and interest in the Dobermann breed.

To maintain observance of and adherence to the Breed Standards of the Dobermann, as adopted from to time by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

To organise and hold shows, match meetings, competitions in breed, obedience and working trials and other dog�s activities, including training for such activities.

To promote goodwill among all people interested in pure bred pedigree dogs, as well as towards pure bred pedigree dogs and people interested in them.

Upcoming Events:
Championship show will be held on 21 October 2007 and will be judged by Mr. Robbie Bocchini, a specialist judge from Gauteng.