How to Bet on Dog Racing

How to Bet on Dog RacingBasically, there are four types of bet in greyhounds: single bet, double bet, treble and Trixie. They also come under names such as forecast bet, multiples/accumulator bets, trifecta bet, Pick 6 bet, and exacta and quinella box bets. Each of these bet types depends on whether the punter is a novice or veteran. Your preference also counts. Do you want to stake on dog racing? Learn from

Single bet

This beginner greyhound bet allows you three options to stake on. You can stake that a dog will win the race; two, you can choose which of the first two or three dogs to cross the finish line. The third option offers you to place a bet on a single race.

Similar to the forecast bet is the quinella and exacta box bets. They allow you to have two selections, but while quinella and exacta bets offer better payout in that either of the dogs can be the winner or runner. You can find the top best greyhound betting sites at

Trifecta Bet

This is an advanced stake on the forecast bet and it comes with higher odd levels. Rather than predicting the winner and runner-up, the trifecta bet allows the punter to stake the dog that’ll come first, second, and third. Truth be told, this bet is for more intelligent and veteran greyhound punters.

Accumulator Bet

Also called multiples bet, this is for the punter whose eyes are the money. Unlike other types of greyhound bets, accumulator bet allows you to win high returns on small stakes. You must be able to time the odds to be able to accumulate up to 6/1 bet by combining a 2/1 and 3/1 odd. It starts from double and accumulates gradually up to six-fold odd and more. You can make up to 15 or 15 selections.

How to Know the Best Greyhound Bookie

This is really a tricky one, but there’s something you must look out for. Bet flexibility and variety is something you must be on the lookout for in any bookmaker you opt for. A great dog racing bookie should offer you a wide range of bet type options for punters.

It should also allow you to anticipate other potential bet types, whether you’re involved in Irish GreyHound Derby or the English Greyhound Derby.

A top-quality dog racing bookie should feature ante-post betting. By Ante-Post dog racing betting, we mean the bet the punter placed before the start of the race. It could be hours, days, weeks before the real event.

Besides, an excellent dog racing bookie should have a fast payout, quality betting interface, extensive access to tracks and athletes, and simulcasing feature.

Based on obstacles and distances covered by the dogs, there 7 categories of dog race: A-Class (380 and 520 m), D-Class (200 to 300 m), Classes S, M, I, E (575 to 1800 m), H-Class (hurdles), HP (handicap) race, OR-class (cross-country), T-Class test or no-bet) race.

Top Strategies to bet and Win on Dog Racing

Find out the Condition of the Track

Is the track swampy or dry? Is it linear or circular? Swampy tracks slow down the pace of the dog when it rains. There’s a high chance that dogs will be moved towards mushier terrain.

Check past Race

Watching previous races will offer you an insight into what will come. Find out which dogs have been performing actively on the track. A day or two-day events are isn’t enough to conclude; some dogs strangely have a good day but without steady or consistent outing. Don’t be fooled.

Look for bets with High odds

You’ll often find value bets in strange situations. Try to be on the lookout for bets that offer higher odds. Try your luck on staking on slow dogs to outpace dogs popular for their speed on the track. It’s crazy, right? You’ll get value.

Use the right wager

Whether as a starter or veteran, make sure you always gun for the right type of wager. Study the various bet types and, in no time, you’ll come to understand them.

Final Thoughts

Do you bet on or you simply love to watch dog racing? Greyhound betting has become one of the most exciting and exotic sports betting in the world. Originated in the UK, dog betting is popular in the US, Ireland, and Australia and has become the favorite of a lot of bookies, bettors, and spectators.