Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa Breed: Boxer

Established: 1960

Operating: Nationally

Affiliate organisation: Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer (ATIBOX)

Membership requirements:
The Federation consists of three Clubs: Northern Boxer Club, Boxer Club of Southern Africa and Eastern Boxer Club.
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Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa Mission, Aims and goals:
The principal object for which the Federation was established is to promote the Boxer breed. We, therefore, strive

To ensure that the breed is improved, not merely increased.

To maintain the working ability and type of the Boxer as described in the Standard.

To increased the viability of the breed through the elimination of those factors which threaten soundness, health, fertility and correct temperament of the Boxer.

To improve the genotype, not simply the phenotype of the Boxer.

Upcoming Events:
8 September 2007: Double Bill Championship Show � Virginia
22 September 2007: Breed Survey / WTS / Companion Dog - Midrand