German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa Breed: German Shepherd Dogs

Established: 1984

Operating: National organisation with local clubs (24).

Affiliate organisation: Affiliated to FCI via SV and the WUSV (World Union of German shepherd dog clubs).

Membership requirements:
Any person interested in the Breed. Dogs have to be registered with the GSDFSA and meet the control criteria.

Weekly at club level and annually at national level.
contact personNational Administrator GSDFSA telephone0123762583
mobile cellphone fax0123762459
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Turbo of Annenberg VA1 (SA) 2007 Korkl I SchHI - Winner of the April 2007 National Breed Show. Mission, Aims and goals:
Improve the quality of the breed: all breeding of German Shepherd Dogs has to be controlled and subjected to minimum standards.
The objective of the Federation from inception was that breeding takes place within the framework of international control and cooperation, based on the direction given by the SV (German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany).

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