Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: 031-774

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Established: July 2007

Kindly contact Kirkwood Save-a-Pet directly for banking details.
contact personJo-Ann Meiring telephone
mobile cellphone0724973299 fax0866137290
street address postal addressP O Box 237, Kirkwood, 6120
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image placeholder FOCUS AREA:
- Supply veterinary care to previously disadvantaged communities in our area.
- Travel extensively to dip, deworm and offer basic veterinary care to these communities as well as spay/neuter programs where required.
- Educating pet owners on proper pet care, danger of zoonosis diseases between pets and humans, uncontrolled breeding.

- New mobile clinic (ours is 28 years old this year),
- Volunteer vets,
- Funding to purchase basic veterinary medicines, etc,
- Volunteers to assist on outreaches.

Continuous rural outreaches in Kirkwood, Addo, Steytlerville, Moller, Vondeling, Willowmore and any other rural area that requires our services.