Pit Bull Federation of South Africa Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Established: 1992

Operating: Nationally

Affiliate organisation: The American Dog Breeders Association

Membership requirements:
Members cannot use their dogs for fights.

On the 1st of the month.
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Pit Bull Federation of South Africa Mission, Aims and goals:
REGISTRATION OF THE APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) BREED: To keep accurate records of pedigree lineage according to the dictates of responsible breeders and owners of the breed. To keep accurate records of events and titles of achievement earned.

SCHEDULE EVENTS OF LEGAL COMPETITION OF THE APBT: Set forth rules of competition assure fairness to all competitors to achieve tittles and awards. Encourage UNITY and single minded fellowship for the welfare of the breed.

PROVIDE EDUCATION ON THE APBT: To assure the novice as well as the expert fancier, is kept aware of the breeds qualities of excellence.

PROMOTE A POSITIVE PUBLIC IMAGE OF THE BREED: Dispel inaccurate conceptions and false accusations where the APBT is involved through the accomplishment of these events. Encourage all owners to serve as role models of responsible caretakers of the breed in the eyes of the public.

ASSIST THE ADBA: Define the responsibility needed for a successful and enjoyable entity. Provide direction to their accomplishment.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Working to ensure our right to own and enjoy our breed of choice.

IT IS OUR GOAL TO PRESERVE THE APBT IN IT�S ORIGINAL FORM: Through the ADBA conformation standard, based on the breeds original development, through the education and sanctioning of judges that are knowledgeable about the breed and to register and keep the lineage records accurately depending on the integrity of the breeders who submit paperwork to this office.


When it becomes apparent that our rules, policies and practices, go against our mission and goals it is the responsibility of the PBFSA to make appropriate adjustments and changes to insure our goals are maintained.

Upcoming Events:
All shows will be held at Olifantsfontein Primary School, cnr Premier & Mason Rd, Clayville, Olifantsfontein. 2007 Show dates:
26 May 2007
30 June 2007
28 July 2007
25 August 2007 (S.A.Championship)
29 September 2007
27 October 2007
24 November 2007 - Prize Giving