Sacred Birman Fanciers Group of Southern Africa Breed: Birman Cat

Established: 1997

Operating: Nationally, with members worldwide.

Affiliate organisation: Southern Africa Cat Council

Membership requirements:
Anyone may join.

General meetings when called by committee / members, otherwise correspond via email / post. Two newsletters / magazines called the "Birman Buzz" sent to members annually.
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Premier Classicats Over The Moon (Chocolate Point Birman) - Owner/Photographer: Belinda Katz. Mission, Aims and goals:

To encourage a greater interest, appreciation and knowledge of the Birman cat in Southern Africa.

To encourage responsible breeding of Birmans to the standards adopted by the body to which it is affiliated, with the purpose of improving the breed.

To cultivate friendship among owners, breeders and fanciers of Birmans.

To publish newsletters and memos for members reporting on Birman related as well as other relevant matters.

To educate and promote responsible pet ownership.

To bring together buyers and breeders with available kittens through breeder referrals.

To assist in the rescue and re-homing of Birman cats in need of homes.

Birman Breeding Policy:

To encourage the breeding of Birman cats which conform as closely as possible to the "Standard of Points" adopted by the body to which it is affiliated.

To promote the breeding of Birmans with good health, temperament, conformation and without any defects known to be heritable traits.

To preserve the type and conformation of the Birman cat, without changing its features or breeding to extremes.

To, in time, assist in the development of Birmans over the full range of colours, without causing either the deterioration of, or introduction of undesirable traits or defects into the breeding stock (Birman or other breeds).

To encourage all local Birman breeder members to agree and abide by the official SBFG Affiliated Birman Breeders Code of Ethics.