Toxic Products

People have been conditioned and brainwashed for decades to believe that pharmaceutical drugs are the alpha and omega of "good" health notwithstanding the fact that drugs have never been designed to cure something but merely treat the symptoms of an underlying cause. Whenever I am asked for advice about a pet with allergies, my standard reply is "what are you feeding your dog/cat and how often has the pet been vaccinated". Recently, one of my neighbours phoned me convinced that her dog was suffering from heart failure because the dog made choking noises and had breathing difficulties. As it turned out, she had tried a new dog food made in the Karoo and allegedly preservative-free. However, the basic ingredients were grains and soya and given the fact that all our grains and soya (meant for local consumption) are genetically modified, I was not surprised at all that the dog had an allergic reaction to that stuff. I told her to throw the bag away and start cooking for her dog, which she did, and lo and behold - all the symptoms disappeared. Apart from that, if God had intended our dogs and cats to chew on some dry pebbles of grains, He would have created them as cows. Yet vets maintain - without any basic knowledge of animal nutrition at all, since the latter is not even part of their curriculum at vet school - that only commercial pet food (preferably the one you buy from them for big bucks) is the only balanced food for our animals. I most certainly beg to differ because colourants, flavourants, chemical preservatives, transfats and animal derivatives or by-products not fit for human consumption will most definitely not enhance our pets' health. Likewise, I am not buying any supermarket meats for my animals (or myself), since they all contain sodium nitrite - a known carcinogen. Our butcher in Merrivale (Nic can confirm that his dry wors is out of this world :) only sells meat from free-range animals not contaminated with antibiotics and bovine growth hormones.Quite often, he has venison and my dogs love warthog, kudu or impala stew. When I told my daughter, who lives in California, that I had bought kudu stew, her outraged reply was "Ma, how could you even contemplate eating "Bambi"! :) Another example of the benefits of home-cooked meals is my parents' dog who died at the ripe old age of 23 years and never ate one morsel of commercial dog food in her whole life.

And in the context of ticks and fleas, I'll never ever use a toxic flea and tick product on my animals again. The year 2004 saw the demise of three of my old faithful dogs. The two boys (13 years old), Mikey and Andy, had never been sick in their life until I used a vial of Frontline on them. Within weeks both developed paralysis of their hind legs and had to be euthanized. Common denominator was Frontline. The active ingredient in Frontline is Fipronil, a known carcinogen (thyroid cancer) and neurotoxin. The inert ingredients, which the manufacturer does not have to disclose for "confidentiality" reasons are known carcinogens.
When out of the blue old Heidi (the cat) was riddled with fleas, which of course jumped on the dogs, I sponged the whole lot down with a 50/50 solution of water and apple cider vinegar (preferably organic) and it did not even take one day before I - or rather the animals - got rid of the fleas.

As you can see, it is very "dangerous" to get me talking and now I better get a move on and at least pretend to be a good li'l German housewife :)

Best regards
Ms Blank