This is my favourite time of the morning, drinking coffee (organic, I might add), checking mails with old Heidi (the cat) purring on my lap. Heidi is now 20 years old and her sisters died a few months ago. My vet is baffled that all my cats are getting so old and my reply was "they have never been vaccinated!". Heidi's mom succumbed to feline leukaemia and the vet at that time wanted to put all her kittens down "because they would die in a couple of months in any case". Well, Heidi and her sisters proved him wrong and are living proof that healthy nutrition and keeping the immune system intact do wonders for the health of humans and animals alike. Meanwhile, I've convinced most of my neighbours to stop vaccinating their animals and feeding them crappy commercial pet food. Vaccination protocols have been changed all over the world, yet our vets still maintain that animals need annual booster shots, although there is nothing to "boost" in any case. The usual puppy or kitten shots provide lifelong immunity. Take the corona virus, for instance, which is solely a puppy disease and self-limiting and no older dog would ever contract it, yet dogs are vaccinated against it year after year until the immune system crashes altogether, that's why so many animals suffer from chronic diseases, diabetis, allergies, arthritis, etc. It is such a diabolical concept (same goes for humans), because then these animals need treatment with all these toxic wonder drugs, in particular non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Pfizer's killer drug Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Zubrin, Previcox, etc. which have already killed thousands of animals all over the world. Rimadyl is the nastiest of all and together with a friend of mine in the United States who single-handedly took on Pfizer and instituted a class action suit against them (and won!), we are at least trying to educate people about the immense health risks associated with Rimadyl, which in many cases proved to be lethal. Every single day we have to console devastated pet owners whose beloved animal died a horrific death caused by Rimadyl or one of the other NSAIDs, which are still handed out like candy by our vets. These drugs fall into the same category as Merck's Vioxx which after having killed at least 70,000 people in the United States alone, was finally pulled off the market. Ironically, Rimadyl was first developed as a human drug but then abandoned because of the high liver toxicity, so they quickly turned it into a canine drug.

I am still mourning the senseless death of my beloved German Shepherd girl Shonee in November 2004. Like any other "responsible" pet owner (meanwhile my definition of responsible has changed) I fell into the trap of the annual brainwashing exercises, i.e. outbreak of rabies in our area and wanted to "protect" my dog. Result? Shonee developed a massive fibrosarcoma starting from the vaccination site to her shoulder and breast bone. Shonee was 12 at that time and any responsible vet who had done his homework would/should have told the pet owner about the risks of vaccinating a dog at that age. Since then I have done a lot of research and turned into a staunch vaccination opponent.

In December 2004, her royal Highness Jessica came into my life, another German Shepherd girl. Jessie was six weeks old and the breeder had already vaccinated her although the maternal antibodies received from mom's milk would have rendered any vaccination ineffective. He also had dipped the little mite twice in organophosphate - allegedly because of fleas. Given the fact that organophosphates are a known neurotoxin combined with all the toxic adjuvants and viruses in the vaccine, I had the most aggressive puppy on hand. Her "playful" bites drew blood. Then Jessie started to develop some reddish spots in her face, lesions around her mouth and Lee, my new vet, came out all the way from Hilton to take a skin scraping. Sure enough, Jessie had demodectic mange (not contagious) which must have been passed on by the mother and only breaks out when the immune system is down, because all of us carry demodec mites. Lee wanted to go the conventional route, i.e. Ivermectin injection and dipping her in the usual toxic stuff, which I declined and only conceded to a course of antibiotics because Jessie's tummy was an inflamed red mess. There are many farmers living in my area and most of them use their own remedies, e.g. one of them told me that he treats mange in horses with fresh rosemary and lemon. So I embarked on concocting my own lemon and rosemary brew and all my neighbours supplied me with fresh rosemary every day (meanwhile I grow it myself). It was a long haul and needs patience and my main concern was boosting Jessie's immune system, so I put her on the same dose of Vitamin C I take myself every day (1000 mg), plus Salmon oil, Vitamin B and E. When my vet came for a visit a couple of weeks later, she couldn't believe her eyes and I told her that this dog would never ever be vaccinated again and she agreed. There are so many ways to keep ourselves, our kids and pets healthy with natural remedies and without the intervention of toxic drugs of the pharma mafia. Vitamins DO work and I am living proof of it, I haven't had a cold or the flu in the last 20 odd years.
You should have seen the outcry of the "learned" profession when our newspaper published my warning against the flu shot hype. (see linked page and my loooong rebuttal at the end) :)

And now for the usual morning exercise, starting with vacuuming the mite infested carpets :) (I must be surrounded by gadzillions of them with all the animals in the house, maybe that's why all other bugs avoid me like the pest :)

All the best
Ms Blank